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Genie Script

Calm down with the Script

For the majority of people, 2020 is one of the most challenging years due to various reasons.  Many people lost their jobs, many are going through financial crises, and many are suffering from stress or anxiety and lost their willpower. They are now having a harmful mindset.

To get back their positive mindset with more success in life, Wesley Virgin introduced this mediation program named Genie Script.   It will help those people who are facing negativity. This is a brand new 30-day program for people who lost hope and confidence.  This program is established to make you able to express your feeling in a better way. It also gives you physical, mental, and emotional support.

What is Genie Script?

The Genie Script is an exciting and straightforward meditation program helping users in displaying remarkable success.  This program allows people in their personal or professional life. It provides you the exact outcomes that you are expecting. This unique program makes you explore your dreams or desires with the correct method you use. It involves a surprising meditative that explains a better physical, emotional, financial, and mental life.

Genie Script review

Benefits of Genie Script

Following are the remarkable benefits of this 30-day meditative program;

  1. Learning and Memory

If you want to alter your mindset and improve it better, you need to follow this 30-day program. Meditation helps you wake the parts of your brain that are important for thinking, concentrating, and remembering things. With this program, you will see that your mental activity boosts, and you are more active.

  1. Eliminate Pessimism

Eliminate pessimism is also an advantage of following this program.  We typically face a challenge combating negative thoughts. These negative thoughts are so strong that they can overpower the positive things. But by using this beneficial way of meditation, you will fight all those negative thoughts that may harm you.

  1. Maximize Creativity

We are thinking about the advantages that you will receive from the Genie script. Creativity helps your life more exciting, and you will enjoy every moment of your life. You can use meditation as a source of making creative tasks. Studies explain that this type of exercise serves as a kick for your thoughts.

  1. More Self-Awareness

A self-aware mind cannot go to ignorance. And, with Genie script, you get an advanced level of awareness. You come in link to yourself, getting to know just who you are and the things that you can do. After following this program, you will widen your sense of self, knowing yourself even more.

  1. Fight Addiction

If you are suffering from drug addiction, you must go for this program. Meditation alters your brain receptors linked to drug addiction, thus minimizes cravings for dangerous drugs. Moreover, meditation programs have been incredibly helpful in stopping future relapses because of their therapeutic nature.


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