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Klick Tipp is a revolution in email marketing. It is one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe. It has a tag-based technology that has brought tremendous changes in the world of marketing. We satisfy our customers by providing target and relevant marketing in simple and affordable packages. We are proudly empowering over 10000 business users. Here you will learn about everything you need to know before joining us.

What is Klick Tipp?

Klick Tipp is one of the finest marketing software that exists in the market. Notable features of this software make it stand apart from other software used for marketing. It has the following features which are used in effective email marketing.

  • Klick Tipp Programs and develop a website on its own.
  • It hires a hosting service.
  • It has a vast network of auto responder service
  • It finds out a membership site software application
  • It discovers the A/B split-testing software.

Usually, people need to combine much software to fulfill these services. However, in klick Tipp, you can find all of these features in one software. In this way, you can save your energy, time, and money at the same time.

Premade templates by Klick Tipp

Even though you can get customized services, our premade templates are excellent and accommodating for our customers.

  • We have option Pages templates that include Press Page, Reverse Capture Page, Lead Magnet, Promo Code.
  • Our pre-sell page templates include Survey Web Page, Short Article Page, Presell Page, Click pop Page.
  • Klick Tipp sales Pages templates include Video Clip Sales Page, Sales Letter Web Page, Product Introduce Page.
  • The thank You Pages Templates Thank You Page, Offer Wall, Bridge Page, Share Page
  • We have OTO’s templates that are inclusive of Upsells Websites, down sells websites.
  • The Webinar Pages templates include Webinar Registration Web Page, Webinar Verification Page, Webinar Broadcast Space, Webinar Replay Space.
  • The set of order form templates includes Two Action Order Web Page, Typical Order Page, Video Sales Letter Order Page, Sales Letter Order Web Page, Item Introduce Order Web Page.
  • Miscellaneous page templates have a collection of Application Page, Ask Web Page. It also has Store Front, Home Page, Hero Web Page, Hangout Web Page, Live Demo Web Page.
  • Affiliate pages’ templates include Gain Access to Page, Affiliate Area.
  • Subscription Pages templates are inclusive of Accessibility Page, Member’s Area

Advantages of using Klick Tipp

This efficient software has fantastic features and benefits for your business marketing. Just have a look:

  • You can create marketing funnels easier and quicker.
  • You don’t need a set of different software to keep your business well organized.
  • Klick Tipp provides you split testing and conversion tracking of your customers.
  • It has one of the best email auto responders in it.
  • Provide integration of marketing tools in the funnel.
  • It regularly keeps changing and updating its features.
  • It is always available and easy to access.
  • It has high activity in the Facebook group area
  • It provides a Free 14-Day Trial that allows you to test Klick Tipp with no commitment.


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