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The sRs Pro is the Trend Rider strategy’s new and latest version. It was introduced in November 2019. The prime purpose behind sRs PRO is to introduce new features in this trading system. sRs Pro is designed to offer an advanced user experience and reliable signals. In sRs Pro, they raised lots of filters and included plenty of automatic scanners for the algorithm. It will be much simple for you with an automated solution and accurate ability. The improvements include:

  • Less chart times
  • The simple decision in trading
  • A reliable momentum filters
  • Easy-to-go trading rules


The Prime Idea of the trading tool

The prime purpose behind the trading tool is to ride clean trends. We analyze higher time frame trends, the momentum of the trend, and its accuracy, and after passing the exam of the sRs PRO algorithm, people are searching for trading these trends in the more petite time frame.

In sRs PRO, they have designed almost everything from the beginning to offer an advanced user experience with most signals.

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Components of the sRs Pro

You may divide the components into two categories;

  • First is the Scanner that is available with its Template
  • The second one is the simple trading template.


The Scanner function

The reliable scanner permits the trader to check various assets and time frames from a single chart. The scanner may scan behind the scenes for multiple instruments you need to trade. Thus you do not have to waste time waiting for arrangements.

You will also become visible by email and local MT4 alerts an advanced trading opportunity presents itself.

The Indicators from the trader

The majority of traders think that the sRs Pro Indicators are the most accurate and efficient indicators present. And that relies on the components like:

  • Sentiment

It offers you an extensive view of the ratio by checking various timeframes.

  • The sRs Pro Monitors

The monitor shows many timeframes with a recent timetable at the bottom. It assists you to see and understand the directions utilizing and depending on the new developments.

  • The sRs Candlesticks

These are not the typical candlesticks, and these have relied on the filtering trend. The candle color alters, deepening on the trend, in every range, the color of the candles will vary continuously.


Examples Trades from the tool

People had a conservative purchased signal; this trade arrangement matched all the rules as the designers had three out of three sRs Bars are in agreement are bullish. Three out of the three momentum arrows are green.

The three out of the three sentiments arrows are green. The price was going in a triangle pattern, and people entered this purchase trade after the prices broke above the topmost position of this pattern. The price went higher as expected, and this trade offered people impressive profits.




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