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Property Master Class by Tom Faye – Review

How To Find Off Market Properties in New Zealand and Australia


What will you get in the Property Master Class by Tom Faye 📖


  • How to pick the best locations to buy your properties in

    The importance of location cannot be under estimated, with many a fortune having been made simply from buying in the right, highly sought after locations  

  • Where to find and buy off market properties below market value

    If you have been in the property industry for any length of time you will have heard the saying ‘you make your money when you buy’; let me show you how to buy well! 

  • I will give you strategies to ensure you can generate an income from the properties you buy

    Many investors actually lose money on their property purchases. The aim of property investment is to turn a profit and as such it may be worth your while to find out how the world’s most successful people invest in property

  • I will show you actual screenshots of deals I have done, with step by step cost explanations

    Show me the money. A very famous line that I live buy and that is what I intend to do.. Show you the money.

Some other reviews about the Property Master Class by Tom Faye🥇

Our results were higher that we even expected. Tom Faye is knowledgeable, honest, approachable, personable and endlessly patient

Cristina – Local Government

Tom is an awesome person to deal with, I trust him 100 percent with his business negotiations. He has a professional courteous and fair manner when conducting business and very rare integrity which is a quality I greatly admire. I can highly recommend him.

Sara – Healing Hands Massage NZ


Tom Faye


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