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Digimember Plugin by OC Media GmbH

Create a own membership for your products



With the WordPress plugin DigiMember you can quickly and easily create complete member pages.
After installing it on WordPress, you can turn your site into a members area with protected content within minutes.
Memberships can then be sold automatically or offered for free.


What are the benefits of a members’ area? ✅

Member areas can offer visitors exclusive content such as video courses, ebooks, or other info materials.
This leads to visitors returning to the site again and again to use the content.
Member areas therefore have the purpose of connecting more deeply with its visitors and building a nachahltige customer relationship.

In addition to this, members provide their email address during registration, which can later be used for promotional campaigns and customer communication.


How to create a membership with the Digimember Plugin on WordPress? 📖

As is so often the case on WordPress, there is a plugin for this.
With this free plugin you can easily create member pages on WordPress.

In this “DigiMember Experience” we will show you what the plugin has to offer and how to use it properly!

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