6 FIGURE INCOME ebook by thebillionairetherapy ➡ Experiences




6 FIGURE INCOME ebook by thebillionairetherapy

Make money online and work from whereveryou want

What content does the 6 FIGURE INCOME ebook have? 📖


Module 1 Instagram wealth Generator:

  • What is a theme page

  • Creating a PERFECT Insta account

  • HACK the Instagram Algorithm 

  • How to use HASHTAGS

  • How to TREND on Instagram

  • Grow followers from 0 to 100000

  • How to make $5,000+/month from IG

Module 2 Dropshipping:

  • What is Dropshipping

  • How Dropshipping works

  • Exploring differnet E-com platforms (Shopify, BigCommerce etc..)

  • Choosing a Niche

  • Getting traffic to your website

  • Finding the PERFECT dropshipper

Module 3 Amazon FBA:

  • What is AMAZON FBA

  • Setting up amazon seller account

  • How to choose a Niche and product

  • How to source products

  • How to market and sell

  • SEO for products

  • Alternative options

  • Scaling your business

Module 4 Affiliate Marketing:

  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

  • My TOP 3 ways for affiliate marketers to survive online

  • Finding Affiliate Programs – THE RIGHT WAY

  • Earn Easy Profits using PPC

  • My TOP 3 strategies to make MONEY overnight​​​

  • Avoiding most common affiliate mistakes


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